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General AutoCrit Help › 3. Troubleshooting

I can't log in

If you are having trouble logging in to the new site, try having your password resent to you. On the log in page.  Choose the "Forgot password"  link found below the Log in button.  A field will appear for you to input your email address.  It is important that the email address you provide matches

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The AutoCrit editor is not working. What do I do?

Most problems with using the AutoCrit Editor are related to your browser. Please try the following: Close your browser completely and Log in again. Try accessing AutoCrit with a different web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer. Make sure your browser accepts cookies.  Make sure your browser allows Javascript. Still having trouble? Contact us

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Why isn't all my text being analyzed?

If your submission is longer than your membership limit, AutoCrit will provide an error message. Current limits are: Gold: 1,000 words per submission Platinum: 8,000 words per submission Professional: No limits! All members can submit as many times as they like per day.

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Why is the AutoCrit word count different?

Counting words sounds like a simple task. In fact it there are several different ways to do it -- and that's why different computer programs come up with different results for the task of counting words. For example is “can’t” one word or two? How about “it’s” or “take-out”? Depending on what you decide to

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