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Critique Groups or Freak Groups

I'm not a fan of critique groups. I've been in two. One was controlling and the other damaging. Members showed up without material to share. Members showed up not prepared. Members showed up having rewritten each other's chapters. It was weird. It was ugly. It was like being thirteen and in junior high again. The

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Critiquing 201: I''ve Found a Critique Partner, Now What?

You've done your search, you found someone who's interested. You talk, they respond, and now you've done it -- you've decided you want a partner in critiquing. Where to start? How to start? Critiquing is a lot like a marriage and with proper nurturing and care, a critique partner will be your most avid fan

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Fishing For Compliments: Getting the Most Out Of Your Critique Group

Some people do it face-to-face; others prefer doing it online. Let's talk critiques. As I'm sure you're aware, a successful critique group isn't about getting a few friends together once a week for a communal pat-on-the-back. Cerridwen Press author Sydney Laine Allan (About Monday, release date September 2005) said it best. "When I was a

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