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In-depth Analysis in areas
that matter most.

Exactly the analysis that you need

AutoCrit studied millions of published books, connected with top editors and agents, and worked with authors just like you to understand what makes a successful book. We regularly update our algorithms and focus on the quality of our analysis to give you the best feedback possible.

Highlighting key elements

Agents and editors look at specific areas when first reviewing your manuscript. Poor dialogue, use of adverbs, and relying on cliches are clear indicators of amateur writing. AutoCrit points out all these (and so much more) so you can polish your writing and feel confidentin your book.

Identifies hard to find pacing and reptition problems

We analyze your manuscript, line-by-line, and show you exactly where you repeat a word or phrase too close together. We also point out slow paced paragrphs and graphically depict your sentence lengths. Use this information to make sure you don’t loose the interest of your reader.

Easy to use Editing

Summarized Results

The Analysis Sidebar provides a summary of the relevant words, phrases or sentences, ordered by frequency and rating. Quickly scan potential improvement areas, then click the checkbox to turn on/off highlighting in your document.

“Jump” navigation

Save time by clicking on a word or phrase in the Analysis Sidebar to jump your cursor to the next instance.

Save & share your analysis

Share your text (with or without highlights) with a beta reader or editor with a click of a button!

Feedback on how your
manuscript compares

Be confident in how your manuscript stacks up

Autocrit compares your manuscript to successful published fiction, including mass markets paperbacks and bestsellers. If you use specific words more than the average found in published works, we'll highlight the problem in your manuscript for quick analysis and editing.

“Customize your experience

See results based on the specific genres of Romance, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Young Adult, Short Story and Movie Script.

Know what to focus on first

By comparing your word choice with published fiction, you can easily see where to focus your editing efforts and when it’s “good enough.” Don’t think you have to remove EVERY highlighted word!

You can have your first chapter edited before you go to bed